Public Lectures


Lifelong Learning Center

Boğaziçi University Lifelong Learning Center (BULLC) is the unit responsible for; Developing, Directing, Coordinating the training programs which are open to everybody apart from the undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs of our university. The programs are prepared and presented to public by our academic units and academic staff and are brought into life in the coordination of the center.

Our faculty members Esra Battaloğlu, Necla Birgül-İyison, and İbrahim Yaman contribute to this program.



Our faculty members Nesrin Özören, Necla Birgül-İyison, Arzu Çelik and Umut Şahin have been contributing to this activity.


OpenLab Activities

Our faculty member Nesrin Özören has been the driving force for this activity.


Activities with High School Students: BOUN101 Classes

Pre-University Summer School of Boğaziçi University aims to introduce students to the building blocks of academic life and critical thinking through a journey that extends from nanotechnology to artificial intelligence, from game theory to economic modeling, from the myriad possibilities of creative writing to dark corners of history; and to help them explore and experience university life.
The summer school is two weeks; students will attend three hours of academic courses and a one-and-a half hour long elective course four days a week. There will be student activities on weekday evenings and weekends, in and near the campus.

Our faculty members Arzu Çelik and Tolga Emre are contributing to this program.


Activities with High School Students: IBO Olympiads

Our faculty members Arzu Çelik and Igor Kryvoruchko are involved in training the national biology team for the International Biology Olympiads.


Activities with High School Teachers: High School Teacher Training

Our faculty member Arzu Çelik is involved in training Biology High School Teachers in doing experimental work with fruit flies.

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