Dr. Erşen KAVAK - Adjunct Faculty

Genomize Inc.
Bogazici University
Technology Transfer Region
North Campus, ETAB 5th Floor
34342 Bebek - Istanbul
+90 212 970 06 88
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Bigdata analysis for preventive and Precision Medicine

The reactive medicine is evolving towards being preventive and personalized. This evolution requires the collaboration of genetics knowledge with computational approaches. I have been working on combining wet laboratory approaches with computational techniques including machine learning technologies and biostatistics. Multi-omics is my trending interest as it seems to be the only way to decipher human disease.
I am primarily running a bioinformatics and software company (Genomize), as well as part-time teaching at Bogazici University. I am also involved in several research projects in collaboration with Koc University and Sabanci University.

Selected Publications

  • CTCF-promoted RNA polymerase II pausing links DNA methylation to splicing. Shukla et al. Nature 2011
  • Meta-analysis of cancer gene expression signatures reveals new cancer genes, SAGE tags and tumor associated regions of co-regulation. NAR, 2010
  • Analysis of the Wnt/B-catenin/TCF4 pathway using SAGE, genome-wide microarray and promoter analysis: Identification of BRI3 and HSF2 as novel targets. Cell Signalling, 2010
  • Project MinE: study design and pilot analyses of a large-scale whole-genome sequencing study in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Eur. J. Human Genetics, 2018